Overwatch is currently transitioning to an insurance based model.  We are not accepting new customers at this time.  Please contact us at info@overwatchdh.com if you have questions.  

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We are members of the epilepsy community; many of us live with epilepsy ourselves or we care for loved ones with seizure disorders. We have children with epilepsy. We have parents and brothers and sisters with epilepsy. We are military veterans with epilepsy. We are people who have struggled to find work because of the stigma of epilepsy.

We are software developers, engineers, customer care representatives, business managers and volunteers. And we make, test, use, support, and stand behind this product that we offer to the epilepsy community. We Are Overwatch!


Living with epilepsy can feel like you have been robbed of your freedom – take it back with the Overwatch App. Live your best life knowing that the care you need is only moments away

Peace of Mind

Our technology detects seizure-like movement and sends alerts in real time to your caregivers and trusted contacts. The GPS functionality incorporated into the Overwatch App notifies your contacts where you are, giving them the ability to seek assistance on your behalf.

Peace of Mind


Our cutting-edge technology is based on feedback from the epilepsy community, from living with epilepsy, and from our own personal experiences caring for loved ones with epilepsy. We have embedded the Overwatch App  into a cellular network-enabled Apple® Watch so that it is independently connected to the iPhone of your trusted contacts. The cellular network connection also allows the Overwatch App to constantly collect the seizure data that is most relevant to you and your doctor.