Overwatch is currently transitioning to an insurance based model.  We are not accepting new customers at this time.  Please contact us at info@overwatchdh.com if you have questions.  


This has been the best thing ever for my son. I am a travel nurse, and I did not know what to do when my son was first diagnosed with seizures and I could not be home all the time to watch him. I really depend on Overwatch a lot to assist, and it works. Any time it picks up seizure activity it sends me a text message and calls my phone. This is the best device ever and I highly recommend it. It gives me security when I am away from home. Thank you overwatch.
Deloris W.
"Our 3 year old was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. We have tried a few different apps for Apple Watch, but all have had issues with battery life. I was worried this would be the same, but the battery is lasting overnight, even with an earlier bedtime. We had our first seizure while using the app, and it worked exactly as promised. We were promptly alerted to a seizure we wouldn’t have even known about. As a parent, there’s no way for me to explain the peace of mind this gives me. I’m very relieved to find something that finally works for us. I cannot thank Overwatch enough!"
Ellen M.
"Just wanted to let everyone there know that you're product is absolutely terrific! It was super simple to install, worked with our wifi at home right away, and is communicating with everyone we set up as caregivers flawlessly... For the first time since using the watch he had a seizure last night after going to bed. If the watch had not alerted us, we would never have known he was having the seizure since he was in bed and we didn't hear anything. It could have very well saved his life last night!"
Ken W.
"I just submitted my order. I am looking forward to what this program has to offer someone like myself. If the customer service is an example of the app I am sure it will not disappoint. The interaction I have had with all of the staff has been amazing so far and I am sure dealing with others with the same life challenges also makes this company a great asset to our community."
Jennie A
"Overwatch Digital Health seizure monitoring allows me to travel again while giving my wife some peace of mind. While my seizure device is not a cure it is a powerful tool in the fight against epilepsy. Having the device also allows me to run again especially since my family will be alerted if I need any help."
Trevon F.
"I am so impressed with the customer service of this company and would like to thank everyone involved for making a device that helps patients and caregivers by giving us some peace of mind."
Cathy B.