Overwatch is currently transitioning to an insurance based model.  We are not accepting new customers at this time.  Please contact us at info@overwatch.com if you have questions.  

Who We Serve

People Living with Epilepsy

Claim Your Independence

We intimately understand the challenges of epilepsy. Like you, we worry about SUDEP.  We worry about side effects from anti-seizure medications. We worry about when the next seizure may happen.

The Overwatch App can’t answer all of those questions but what we can do is provide a sense of independence that other wearable monitors simply cannot match. The Overwatch App allows you to create an unlimited list of contacts who receive real-time alerts when abnormal movement has been detected that may indicate an epileptic seizure. That alert, along with your GPS location, lets your contacts know where you are and how to help.


Rest Assured

No matter how far you are from a loved one with epilepsy, you are always only a notification away from being there when they need you. Day or night, you are notified by the Overwatch App when seizure-like movement has been detected.

Whether you’re down the hall or across the country, the Overwatch App detects potential seizures and sends alerts to your iPhone. You know exactly where your loved one is, giving you the ability to provide assistance or seek help on their behalf.

Medical Community

Accurate, Timely Seizure Information

The Overwatch App creates a daily online diary of seizure events (including frequency and intensity) to help you and your patients identify potential patterns or triggers. Now, you can review this information in real time, allowing you to discuss and develop more effective treatment options with your patients.