Overwatch Application Features

Overwatch Features

Detects movements that may be indicative of epileptic seizures

People on your contact list are notified immediately if a seizure-like event has been detected. Using Apple’s® GPS-enabled location services will allow caregivers or emergency services to know your location and be dispatched as necessary.

Cellular network technology provides the most reliable, ‘always-on’ connection so that caregivers and trusted contacts can receive alerts and summon assistance in real time.

Secure, online user portal with detailed daily seizure history.

Online user portal will allow you to set notifications and reminders for medications, appointments, etc.

Provides medical professionals with secure access to patients’ seizure data (Coming Soon)

Provides the ability to add notes to seizure events, including potential triggers, patterns, and other details. (Coming Soon)

Apple Watch Features

Know if your heart rate remains above or below a chosen beats per minute (BPM) or check for irregular heart rhythms.

Track how much you move, exercise, and stand from day to day.

Always know the user’s location so caregivers know where to render assistance- or so emergency services can be dispatched if necessary.


Monthly Monitoring Service

By subscribing to the Overwatch App , you get access to a monthly monitoring service which monitors for and detects seizure-like movements and sends alerts to your caregivers and trusted contacts. Your subscription also gives you access to your user portal, which stores your seizure event diary and medication and appointment reminders/notifications.


The Overwatch App currently operates on an Apple® Watch and pairs with any iPhone that uses iOS 6S Plus or greater. We are developing an Overwatch App for Android-enabled smart watches with an anticipated release in 2023.

Apple® Watch setup fees and monthly cellular service plan may be applicable. Please consult your cellular service provider for additional details.